Why is it better to get the knowledge you need to take the exam in an accredited course?

One of the most important goals of HTB is to enable domestic professionals to receive the highest quality ISTQB-guaranteed education. This will help to successfully pass the internationally recognized ISTQB exams and to cope anywhere in the world with the knowledge gained.

HTB assists the certification of applicants by accrediting well-trained educational providers and their courses that support the objectives of ISTQB software testing.

Training providers may use the HTB and ISTQB logos and identify themselves as accredited service providers, as well as their courses as accredited courses. HTB registers and publishes an up-to-date list of accredited Training Providers and accredited courses.


For more information, contact dr. Katalin Balla, Lead of Accreditation, at

  •  ALVICOM Testcenter
    • CTFL Hungarian
  •  Masterfield Training Center (Trinspire Ltd.)
    • CTFL English 3.1.1
    • CTFL English 4.0
    • CTAL Test Manager English
    • CTAL Test Analyst English
    • CTAL Technical Test Analyst English
    • CTFL Agile Extension – Agile Tester English
    • CT Specialist – Automotive Software Tester
    • CT Specialist – Mobile Application Testing
    • CT Specialist – Model Based Tester English
    • CT Specialist – Performance Testing English
    • CT Specialist – Security Tester English
    • CT Specialist – Test Automation Engineer English



The training organization shall submit its accreditation request → HTB will evaluate whether the submission meets the conditions → In case of a positive review, an accreditation report will be created by the independent HTB specialists, resulting in:

  • the submission is accepted and accreditation is provided
  • a request for more information
  • a request for modification of the training material
  • rejection of the submission with good reason





Accreditation is valid for 1 year for each course, if there has been no substantial change in the training plan or terms during this period on either side. Before this expires, the training organization has the opportunity to renew the accreditation. However, if the accreditation period expires, the organization should be treated as a new applicant.

Accreditation Fees:

  • Training Provider Initial Accreditation (1 Year) HUF 350,000 (+ VAT)
  • Training Service Provider Accreditation Renewal (1 Year) HUF 300,000 (+ VAT)
  • ISTQB – Training course, 2-day course material accreditation: HUF 300,000 (+VAT)
  • ISTQB – Training course, 3-day course material accreditation: HUF 450,000 (+VAT)
  • ISTQB – Training course, 4-day course material accreditation: HUF 550,000 (+VAT)
  • ISTQB – Training course, 5-day course material accreditation: HUF 600,000 (+VAT)
  • Education licensing fee (per student): HUF 20,000 (+VAT)  

If you would like to accredit a course of a different duration or not listed above, contact dr. Katalin Balla can be accredited at .

* Application fees are non-refundable and independent of the outcome of the accreditation of an educational provider or course.