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The HTB the TMMi Foundation official Hungarian representative in January 2018! But what is TMMi? The TMMi Foundation is a non-profit organization with headquarters in London. It is designed to support companies in software development, primarily in testing, to achieve higher quality and efficiency. For this, they developed a widely accepted, widespread and independent framework, the Test Maturity Model integrated.

As the local representative, the purposes and roles of HTB are:

  • the widespread introduction of TMMi (surveys, certification scheme, industry-specific survey averages)
  • to promote and provide TMMi training and exams in Hungary
  • the training of TMMi auditors
  • to issue certificates in Hungary


Dr. Katalin Balla, founding and regular member of HTB, extended her status as TMMi Lead Assessor until September 30, 2026. Her certificate number is BLLK-610698


Maturity Levels of the TMMi Model

The TMMi model looks at software testing at different maturity levels, with the starting assumption that all organizations start at TMMi level 1 of the maturity ladder. The more mature an organization’s testing practices, the higher the level of maturity the organization fulfills.

The model interprets the stages of development by levels, through which the organization gradually develops from the level of "unmanaged" activities to the "managed", "defined", "measured" levels and up to the "optimized" level. (See figure.)

Test process improvement efforts are focused on the needs of the organization in the context of its business environment. Moving through the different maturity levels increases the capability of test and software quality management to align with the needs of the business or project. The benefits being among others improved software product quality with fewer defects.


TMMi Professional is a certification that is open to all with an interest in the TMMi Model. This includes people in roles such as testers, test managers, test leaders, process developers, business managers, consultants and auditors. The holder of the TMMi Professional exam will be able to present and apply the TMMi model in practice, and this knowledge will pave the way for themselves to become an accredited "TMMi Assessment Method (TAM) Assessor".

Some practical information about the exam

  • The TMMi Professional exam consists of 40 questions, each correct answer worth 1 point.
  • You must achieve at least 65% (a minimum of 26 points) for a successful exam.
  • Language of the exam: English
  • Time available for the exam: 60 minutes non-native speakers 75 minutes
  • On a locally supervised exam if it is not taken in the mother tounge the use of a book format dictionary is allowed, not for remote supervised exams.
  • ISTQB Foundation Level is not a prerequisite, but it is recommended.
  • You do not have to take a compulsory course to pass the exam, but it is recommended. In Hungary, TMMi training is provided by SQI and Masterfield Training Center as well.
  • Price: 65.000 HUF + VAT
  • Exam Registration
  • Deadline for the application: no later than 14 days before the selected exam date.
  • Before registering for the exam, please read the TMMI examination rules!
  • The full study material for the TMMi Professional exam can be downloaded here.
  • You can test your knowledge in the sample exam, here .





Organizations seeking to improve their level of test maturity using the TMMi Model depend on experienced and qualified individuals to effectively assess and facilitate test improvement.

The expectation is that a certified TMMi test process improver will be able to provide thorough support within their organization or project to initiate, implement, and support TMMi based improvements to testing such that business value is provided to sponsors and stakeholders. This qualification is intended to support career path development and create visibility for those involved in TMMi based test process improvement.

Some practical information to get this certification

  • A certified TMMi test process improver is able to initiate and manage a test improvement project, and successfully implement TMMi based improvements in an organization or project.
  • A certified TMMi test process improver has advanced knowledge and skills in the areas of testing, TMMi, process improvement, and assessments.
  • A certified TMMi test process improver can use the associated logo, e.g., as an email signature, to show their achievement to their stakeholders and the market
  • Being a TMMi test process improver is a career step for those involved in test consultancy and test process improvement.

More information visit the TMMi Test Process Improver page!


When is it worthwhile to take an assessment? Usually when you have these or very similar problems with your company:

Performance optimization

  • Software release with too many application errors
  • Lack or inadequacy of software quality assurance program
  • Inadequate expectation management
  • Inadequate monitoring and documentation
  • Waste of time during test execution
  • Continuous revision, override

Business perspective

  • Continuously reducing testing time
  • Increasing number of functional requirements, increasingly complex requests
  • Increasing responsibility and expectation of quality
  • Reduced time spent on work
  • Outsourced or cooperative development
  • Efficiency improvement, cost reduction, risk reduction
Service Provider

TMMi Accredited Service Provider - based on their own methodology or TMMi recognized Service Provider - based on TMMi Assessment Method (TAM). In both cases, service providers employ independent and accredited auditors.

Accredited TMMi (lead) auditor with SCAMPI methodology

SCAMPI is not officially accredited by TMMi, but it is a recognized and valid methodology for assessing companies. A list of TMMi's leading auditors here

Internal assessment with accredited audit methodology 

An accredited TMMi auditor conducts the assessment on the basis of an accredited assessment method licensed by the TMMi Foundation or an accredited Service Provider.

Internal survey without accredited audit methodology

Apply the free TMMi model, after studying it. The depth and quality of the results obtained and the process development obtained may be below that of accredited surveys.

More information visit the TMMI homepage or contact us!