About us

Hungarian Testing Board (HTB or HSTQB – Hungarian Software Testing and Qualifications Board) is a non-profit organisation founded in 2007 for the purpose of supporting the growth of professionals practicing in the field of software testing, software quality and related areas. Another aim is to support the building of our community.

HTB is the exclusive representative of ISTQB (International Software Testing and Qualifications Board) in Hungary. As such HTB is the Hungarian certification body providing the most popular exams in the software quality field, the ISTQB Tester Certification exams, that are accepted as international standards. We are proud to bring each ISTQB examination in reach for the Hungarian testing community.

In addition to the ISTQB examinations, we also became the national exam and competence center for other independent international organizations that are closely related to the testing and achievement of quality for software products. These professional organizations are IREB, for the Requirements Management field, and TMMi for the Test Process Development field.

In addition to arranging exams for professionals and providing internationally recognised standards, in 2011 we created HUSTEF (Hungarian Software Testing Forum). Since then, HUSTEF has become the biggest independent, internationally renowned, conference in the Central European Region for software and product quality matters.

Furthermore, we also have two more independent professional initiatives. One of them is the free Test & Tea group with regular events and now more than 2500 registered members. The other is the recently launched, also free, “REevolution” group Both initiatives regularly organize meetups at various locations throughout the country with renowned presenters.

Our wide-ranging membership includes professionals from the IT industry consultancies, Universities and training centers. Diversity is important for us: we especially support the younger generation and the presence of women in the profession.

The contact details of the Hungarian Testing Board are available under the contact menu.


Hargitai Zsolt
Zsolt Hargitai


Freelancer, Budapest

Dr. Csöndes Tibor


Ericsson, Budapest

Stöckert Tamás


UNIQA Österreich Versicherungen AG, Vienna

Horváth Tamás

Examination Leader

SIEMENS AG, Renningen

Tóth Szabolcs


Alvicom, Budapest

HTB Regulars:
dr. Balla Katalin
dr. Katalin Balla

BME, Budapest

Széll Szilárd
Szilárd Széll

Eficode, Helsinki

Fekete Attila
Attila Fekete

Morgan Stanley, Budapest

Kovács Attila
Attila Kovács

ELTE, Budapest

Kapros Gábor
Gábor Kapros

Evosoft, Budapest

Albert Laura
Laura Albert

DACHS, Miskolc

Burcsi Péter
Péter Burcsi

ELTE, Budapest

Horváth Ágota
Ágota Horváth

Evosoft, Budapest

Mátyás Márton
Márton Mátyás

UBS Bank Zürich

Vas Norbert
Norbert Vas

Tigra, Budapest

HTB Backoffice:
Tamits Orsolya
Orsolya Tamits

HTB Secretary

Hungarian Testing Board, Budapest

Csécsei-Bozsik Petra

HTB Clerk

Hungarian Testing Board, Budapest

Tim Krisztina

HTB Examination Coordinator

Hungarian Testing Board, Budapest

HTB Együttműködő tagjai:

Angyal Gergely
Bíró Ádám
Braunné Bokor Henriett
Csákó Tamás
Demeter Huba
dr. Beszédes Árpád
dr. Csonka Béla György
dr. Forgách István
Fitos Csaba

Földházi Péter
Gergely Tamás
Illés Péter
Kaukál Terézia
Kovács Ákos
Kreisz József
Kundra Zoltán
Kusper Gábor

Maka Eszter Alma
Mészáros Imre
Ray Gillespie
Sótér Péter
Supola Balázs
Szabó Andrea
Varga Gábor László
Zson Tímea



A HTB Tiszteletbeli tagjai
Harry Sneed
Harry Sneed

Honorary member

Test and Quality Assurance Consultant


Rex Black
Rex Black

Honorary member

President, RBCS, Inc.


Would you like to join HTB?

 We are an open organisation and welcome everyone who would like to take part in building the hungarian testing community.



– Constant professional challenges

– Opportunities to improve

– Participation in international projects (creating syllabi, participation in audits and working groups)

– Free workshops, trainings led by trainers like Rex Black, Graham Bath or Isabel Evans

– Participation in organising HUSTEFwhich is the biggest software testing conference in our region

– And of course loads of fun :)


If you are interested in HTB's Charter you can click here to download and view it.